Begin 2018 op een zinvolle, bewuste en nieuwe manier over kennisontwikkeling.

Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst en Mindfulness workshop

24 januari 2018

Als gefuseerde vereniging beginnen we het jaar met een interactieve workshop over mindfulness, gevolgd door een rondleiding langs de commissies en educatieve inhoud die beschikbaar zijn voor leden van de nieuwe vereniging.

Interactive Workshop: Integrating Meditation in Your Life As an Investment Professional

  • Understand the differences between meditation and mindfulness
  • Explore powerful ways to overcome the obstacles investment professionals face
  • Learn two key meditation skills you can implement today


Committees Marketplace
Members of VBA's and CFA's committees will be available to introduce to you their activities and their missions, with the goal to share their expertise and recruit knowledgeable and enthusiastic committee members. There will also be an introduction on the large database of CFA Institute content and publications available to members, and how best to access and get the most of out the content.
Draft Program
16.30 - 17.45  Mindfulness workshop
17.45 - 17.55  Welcome by Jacco Heemskerk
17.55 - 18.10  Award ceremony Sweepstake 2017
18.10 - 18.30  CFA Institute content: What, where and how?
18.30 - 20.00  Networking drinks and Committees Marketplace
Jason A. Voss, CFA, is content director at CFA Institute. Previously, he was co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund. Mr. Voss is the author of several books, including The Intuitive Investor, and of the CFA Institute Meditation Guide for Investment Professionals. He has authored over a thousand investment articles, emphasizing how to improve investment performance and how to engage the power of the mind. Additionally, Mr. Voss has published research in multiple journals, including the Journal of Private Equity and the Journal of Behavioral Finance.

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