Sustainability Lunch with Albert Slap

Technologies Help Identify Flood and Climate Risks in Investment Portfolios

13 maart 2018

Our world is changing rapidly in many areas. “Stationarity” is no longer a viable assumption in political, social, and economic realms -- and our physical climate, as well. In the past, performing property-specific, flood and climate risk assessments using engineers and consultants with analog methods has been a long and expensive process for corporations with large numbers of properties under ownership or management.

Join us for lunch on March 13th at De Nieuwe Poort to discuss new approaches in flood and climate risk assessment with Albert Slap, President and Co-Founder of Coastal Risk Consulting, LLC, a geospatial technology.


Now, big data, algorithmic cloud computing and geographic information systems make this risk modeling and communication fast, accurate and affordable. Armed with high-quality, actionable information, investment professionals and Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management Teams can rapidly triage: (1) which properties need to be sold; (2) which can be purchased; (3) which need to be protected; and, (4) which need to be insured and for how much. New technologies will help companies achieve greater resilience from climate change and greater sustainability and profitability in the turbulent years ahead.



11:00 Registration

11:15 Start presentation + Q&A

12:00 End presentation; start lunch

12:30/13:00 End of program



Albert J. Slap is President and Co-Founder of Coastal Risk Consulting, LLC, a geospatial technology, modeling and analytics company located in Plantation, FL. Coastal Risk is the first company to provide millions of property owners in the US, as well as businesses and local governments, with online, state-of-the-art, flood and climate risk assessments at an affordable price -- Coastal Risk is committed to helping coastal residents get climate ready and storm safe by providing the tools needed for informed flood-risk decision-making, today, and decades into the future. Prior to launching Coastal Risk, Mr. Slap was a nationally-recognized, environmental attorney and law professor. Over the years, Mr. Slap used America’s environmental laws to protect public health and the environment by stopping water and air pollution, toxic waste dumping, and by forcing local governments to replace aging and polluting sewer infrastructure. His Clean Water Act citizen suits brought billions of dollars of re-investment in wastewater treatment plants and created tens of thousands of new construction jobs. Mr. Slap has authored numerous legal articles.




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