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Michael Damm lecture: Richard Thaler in theory and practice

13 december 2017

A special lecture about the work of Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize winner for the Economy, in memory of Prof. Dr. Michael Damm.


The legacy of Professor Michael Damm is completely aligned with the work of this

year’s Nobel Prize winner, Richard Thaler. Thaler will receive the Nobel Prize in Stockholm on Sunday 10 December 2017 for his contributions in behavioural economics: connecting economics with psychology. Two of his fellow researchers will be with us at VU Amsterdam to explain some of the most important of Thaler’s work and to give us an impression of their personal connection with the Nobel laureate.


One of the main themes in Michael Damm’s work is the need to look beyond the usual models and into the eyes of the risk manager. Michael is co-founder of the Risk Management for Financial Institutions programme, with Thaler as one of the main authors on the reading list.


Moderated by Elianne Kuepers, Martijn van den Assem, Professor of Finance at

VU Amsterdam and Stefan Lundbergh, Director of Cardano Insights, will provide

insight into Richard Thaler’s groundbreaking theories.


Professor van den Assem will speak on Thaler’s academic achievements in the field of behavioural economics, and he will reflect on their personal collaboration. Stefan Lundbergh will elaborate on nudges in the pension sector, which he worked on with Thaler.



16:30 Doors open

17:00 Word of welcome

17:15 Martijn van den Assem - Professor of Finance, VU Amsterdam

17:45 Stefan Lundbergh - Director Cardano Insights

18:15 Panel discussion with: Remco Zwinkels - VU Amsterdam

                                              Theo Kocken - VU Amsterdam and Cardano

                                              Martijn van den Assem - VU Amsterdam

                                              Stefan Lundbergh - Cardano

19:00 Drinks




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  • 9 januari 2018, 12:43 Dhr. J.P.A.D. Hopmans RBA

    Hallo Irma,
    Helaas heb ik deze Lecture moeten missen. Is de uitgeschreven tekst of powerpoint van de lecture beschikbaar?
    Jan Peter Hopmans

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