Experiment on Investment Behavior

6 april 2017

Conducted by Radboud University Nijmegen, the University of Utrecht, University of Innsbruck, and University of Gothenburg, this project investigates behavioral aspects in the investment behavior of financial professionals in asset markets. The results will provide conclusions about financial professionalsí investment behavior which is useful to scientists and practitioners alike.

Participants are invited to trade virtual financial assets in an experimental laboratory environment. Any financial professional who is directly or indirectly involved in financial decisions can participate. This experiment is different from earlier sessions, so even if you participated in earlier experiments, you are very welcome to join.


Participants receive compensation of up to 250 Euros, depending on the result of their experimental decisions. Members of VBA, CFA and CAIA will join in the experiment.


The experiment will be followed by a presentation and discussion of the results. The experiment takes about 75 minutes (plus another 15 minutes where the exclusive results and implications of experiments with more than 700 professionals are explained). 


Due to the nature of the experiment everyone needs to start at the same time. So please arrive on time.  And you will all be treated to drinks afterwards!


Note: all data are strictly confidential and will be used exclusively for academic purposes. The research team ensures that personal information is not shared with third parties and experimental data cannot be traced back to individuals.


Hope to see you there!



16:45 hrs Arrival and registration

17:00 to 18:30 hrs Risk-taking experiment (Broadway room) 

18:30 to 20:00 hrs Networking drinks in the foyer


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