ESG Green bonds: Principles put into practice finding out what matters

23 maart 2017

Although diminutive in size compared with the overall bond market, the green bond market exploded in 2014 and green bond issuances yearly growth figures has been breaking records ever since.

As the market for green bonds is developing rapidly, it is time to set the scene:

  • How do we define a green bond and is this similar to an issuance of a bond by a green company?
  • What criteria are applied by rating agencies in providing second party opinions?
  • How can we incorporate green bonds within our Fixed Income portfolio, and more importantly, should we?


CFA & VBA will take a deep dive and explore the green bond landscape from a range of different perspectives. Yo Takatsuki will set the stage by making an argument for green bonds as a new and separate asset class with a Fixed Income Portfolio. Followed by Dr. Julia Haake who will discuss the role of rating agencies, and provide more insight in sustainability bond ratings and second party opinions.

After the break Olaf Brugman will share his experiences on green bonds from an issuer perspective. The session end with insights by Anne-Marrie Allier in current trends in the green bond and the potential in of green bonds in emerging markets.



14:30 – 15:00 hrs              Welcome reception

15:00 – 15:05 hrs              Opening word: Cees Harm van den Berg & Robert Klijn

15:05 – 15:30 hrs              1st speaker: Yo Takatsuki, BMO Asset Management

15:30 – 15:55 hrs              2nd speaker: Julia Haake, Oekom Research

16:00 – 16:15 hrs              Break

16:15 – 16:40 hrs              3rd speaker: Olaf Brugman, Rabobank

16:40 – 17:05 hrs              4th speaker: Anne-Marie Allier, Amundi

17:05 – 17:10 hrs              Closing word: Robert Klijn

17:10 – 18:00 hrs              Drinks


Drinks are sponsord by BMO and Amundi.


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